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What We do


“A Charity for the Prevention and Control of Disease” ABN 70 315 689 280

Research - Education & Services for attaining optimum health. 

- Excerpt from QCRI Constitution: our Mission/Objects are as follows…

2. Objects

Quantum Connection as a Research Institution grounded in the Optimisation of the Human experience.  Passionately committed to assisting in exercising cutting edge research and providing education, products & services that promote the prevention and control of dis-ease in our fellow human beings. We shall focus upon, people with Chronic conditions from Depression, Cancer, Diabetes, HIV and auto immune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus etc in adults and Autism, A.D.D, ADHD, O.C.D, and obesity/diabetes in children. We will provide (to those in need) customised aid and relief designed to help those suffering.

Through our totally natural Wellness protocols Quantum Connection will educate, encourage and inspire our members back towards their personal potential through an energetic multi level organic approach. Through its Quantum Connection group of natural and organic technologies, potential facilitation of optimum health for the metaphysical and psycho-biological human requirement is achieved. Sound Ancient and modern health principles and protocols paving an evolutionary approach to Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) WellnessThe panel shall be a non-profit making group and any and all funds raised will go towards the Research, Education and services designed to enhance the quality and understanding of the human experience.

At QCRI we aim to identify and balance the core problematic and root issues in the body, stabilizing the natural equilibrium of the innate healing mechanisms within, to live the absolute best life possible.

SINCE 2007