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THE GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY http://www.gnosis.org/library.html 
LIBRARY OF LIBERTY oll.libertyfund.org/index.php
Pastoral Medical Association International  www.PMAI.us 
Sacred Medical Order of Knights of Hope SMOKH.org
Anastasias Healing Garden http://www.anastasiasgarden.com/healinggardens/
Time of the Sixth Sun http://www.timeofthesixthsun.com
University of Metaphysical Sciences http://www.umsonline.org/index.htm
The Deepak Chopra Centre www.chopra.com/
Dr. Wayne Dyer www.drwaynedyer.com/
Joseph Campbell-Power of the Myth www.mythosandlogos.com/Campbell.html
Amma & Baghavan: Oneness Movement www.onenessuniversity.org/oneness/cms/home/
Rev. Michael Beckwith: Agape Church Los Angeles www.agapelive.com/
Walter Russell: The Universal ONE http://www.philosophy.org/ 
Marianne Williamson: A course in Miracles www.marianne.com/
Neale Donald Walsh: Conversations with God www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/
Gregg Braden: Awakening to Zero Point and God Code www.greggbraden.com/
Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements www.miguelruiz.com/fouragreements.html
Joyce Whitely Hawkes: Cell Level Healing http://celllevelhealing.com/
Louise L. Hay: You Can heal your Life www.louisehay.com/
John Perkins: Dream Change Coalition www.dreamchange.org/
Dr Emoto: The Power & Itelligence of Water. www.masaru-emoto.net/
Nikola Tesla - Ahead of his time www.teslasociety.com/biography.htm
Georges Lakhovsky the Russian Scientist & Spiritual Genius educate-yourself.org/be/lakhovskyindex.shtml
Core Inergetix & Dr. Kiran Schmidt www.energy-medicine.info/kiran-schmidt.html
Human Body Online Learning Tool. www.innerbody.com/htm/body.html
Dirty Electricity & Your Health MUST READ! www.dirtyelectricity.ca/
Planetary Harmonics and LIFE www.lunarplanner.com/Harmonics/planetary-harmonics.html
David Hawkins & Calibrating Consciousness www.spiritualteachers.org/
Caroline Myss & Archetypal Behaviour www.myss.com/
Gnostic Fellowships  http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=gnostic;id=4;url=http://www.hermeticfellowship.org/HFGnosticResources.html
TRUTHS and REALITIES: FREE Downloads http://www.lifetruth.org.au/
Melchizadek Cloister Emerald Order http://www.amentiproject.net/azuritepress.htm 

You Are of the LIGHT "THE WAY"  http://beingoflight.brotherofyeshua.com