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Mineral Supplementation

Biological Needs


What is it that should be of grave concern to parents in Australia and globally?

The greatest threat to us all is not only the disappearance of the essential and trace minerals in the diets of the increasing majority of population but the effects on the future generations this will cause to the already growing number of pandemics.

De-Mineralised Soils with the addition of Toxic Sprays produces dead, often poisonous food.!  

Farming soils from all around the world, especially Australia have become depleted of the reasons we eat food in the first place, The minerals and nutrients they supply us with for the myriad of  tasks our body performs all day everyday 24/7, 365 days a year is essential to life. if we fail to absorb or consume them over time then cumulative damages can occur along with inferior and imperfect repair of these damaged cells and proliferation of more sick damaged cells. Prolonged deficiencies of these raw materials will cause an unsound environment internally bringing on the by products of dis-ease and dysfunction.  

Take a good look around. Are we a healthy bunch? 

Adult onset diabetes, was renamed Type 2 diabetes because a massive 25% of children developed it. Children on cholesterol lowering drugs. if it were not so tragic, it would be totally ridiculous. Tens of thousands of children diagnosed and treated for ADD and ADHD with the likes of speed based drugs at such heavy costs to the child. Asthma is another one running rampant among the young and we see them sucking on puffers to breathe. Anxiety and depression at all time highs, along with AIDS, HIV, cancers, stress, suicide and heart diseases. All these issues ar not that difficult to correct with the true nature of NATURE and the elements within it. 

Natures Support

The above mentioned are not diseases or conditions caused by a drug deficient body. They are not drug deficiency diseases! So why on earth do we expect drugs to resolve the issues? These imbalanced bodies are cause by an outright deficiency of the elements of nature, nutrient deficiencies within our food that is meant to sustain us when eaten is a crime. Water we 1. No longer drink enough of 2. That's replaced by coffee, juices, sodas and sugary energy drinks to name a few, which 3. Have all bastardised the beneficial nature of what water actually does for the cellular communication in the body.    

Time to Return to Earths gifts  

Bottom Line, We need help! Now and for future generation even more importantly. To help there is an Australian plant-derived mineral product which helps supply the missing nutrients from todays diet. Supplying the trace minerals, essential sugars and antioxidants in a form the body can embrace, recognising it's natural colloidal state and being able to use it as a nutrient.

The re-introduction of trace minerals (HUMUS & FULVIC ACIDS), mineral complexes and other essential nutrients and enzymes supplemented into the diet is a big part of the journey back to Wellness. But it is up to you.!