Dr. Stu (Tzu Xander) Alexander Jemesen PhD DNM – CHAIRMAN/DIRECTOR of “Quantum Connection”. Dr. Jemesen's  background experience and resourcefulness comes from 15 years spent living and working in the USA and close to 30 years total practicing of Natural Holistic, Body, Mind and Spiritual techniques for empowering & teaching the methods of reconnection to the innate blue print healing mechanisms within each of us. A Teacher, Coach, Licensed (www.pmai.usPastoral Doctor Of Natural Medicine specializing In the Education and Practice of the most potent forms of “Natural Prevention and Control of Disease” techniques. Holding his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Indigenous and Traditional Medicines from the Pan American University of Natural Sciences and Medicines www.panamuniversity.org A Chevallier of the international Order of Knights Hospitallers (www.smokh.org) as DNM - Doctor of Natural Medicines. Jemesen oversees a range of local, national and International negotiations surrounding the funding, development and execution of QC and Affiliate Projects surrounding and accessing cutting edge Healthcare technologies, through R&D and introduction as our future health modalities with a variety of local and international stakeholders.  Understanding forced limitations of Choices and forced medications have no place in health care, the Focus is on the  freedoms of Educated health choices for ALL - being free to exercise our full potential and Choice of modes of Health Care for ourselves and our children an absolute Constitutional and Universal right. 

Megan Elaine Carr – QUANTUM CONNECTION (QC) Co-Founder & TREASURER/DIRECTOR. A true Artist and Practitioner of Life tuned to the frequencies of illumination and liberation. Megsy as she is affectionately known, specialises in the arena of Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). In a hands on approach, teaching the Education and providing the tools www.gapsaustralia.com.au/ required to combat many of the the causes, while implementing customised plans with parents and families for the reversal and prevention of ASD starting with pre-conception with the gentle help of www.lightseeding.com technologies.

Jon Doumbos – QC CFO & DIRECTOR.  Jon’s broad commercial entrepreneurial background and experience spanning some 34 years as a serial entrepreneur, and an experienced environmental consultant, to establish a number of successful businesses. Jon has been credited with the development of an innovative, patented technology with extensive global patent protection for the treatment of hazardous and toxic wastes and contaminated soils. Jon has strong 30 yr long Asian business ties, particularly in China.

Peter Fraser Falt. QC - CTO & TRUSTEE. Has served as a Director for BMW Group’s DesignworksUSA for the last 8 years. During this time, his overall responsibility has been to create new business and product opportunities for global clientele through unique solutions for brand, design, and business needs by utilizing the BMW Group’s vast resources. Prior to joining Designworks USA Peter served as Principal Vice President of GYS inc., where he directed and designed product and brand development activities for many companies including Motorola, X-Acto, & P&G. Peter studied Sustainability practices under Victor Papanek, and has work shown in Papanek’s last piece, The Green Imperative.

Andrew Troostwijk MBA–QC Operational TRUSTEE. From The Netherlands by origin, I have travelled the world extensively, both on business as well as with my family of 5.  An extensive background in (international) sales and management. For the past 14 years I have actively studied and worked in the field of human behaviour and business. This is my passion. I have an MBA from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Jan Roskott, MBA – QC National Projects TRUSTEE. Apart from being a successful incubator of and investor in “worthwhile” business concepts, Jan became the chairman of the local Steiner school and navigated the school successfully through a brutal voluntary administration.  Today, Jan is still advisor to the Steiner education system, involved in numerous sustainable business concepts and companies (alternative energy, bio plastics, alternative financing concepts, disruptive forward thinking businesses and technologies)

Daniel Vladeta BSc (Hons) Neuroscience, Dip Osteo – QC Medical TRUSTEE. His passion for science was also instigated at an early age as he delved into the work of his family relative Nikola Tesla. Daniel has worked with numerous Medical and Surgical Companies covering Asia, UK and Northern Europe. The role involved collaborating with thought leading surgeons to create and develop new techniques, procedures and materials in the surgical field, particularly in the areas of tissue culture and regeneration, re-absorbable materials and the use of electromagnetic fields. Optimally he is interested in finding techniques to allow the body to heal and regenerate itself.  With his medical and scientific experience Daniel is positioned as a bridge between modern technology and ancient spiritual healing practices. Moving forward, he is dedicated to uncovering new technologies and tools that encourage the transition and integration of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies and how we interact with our environment.

Ralph Warren Ring DD. PhD – QC TRUSTEE & Statesman. Ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Religious Science; Doctorate of Metaphysics; Phd. Philosophy, Theology. Lifelong Student of Marshal Arts. Ralph entered the US Army at Fort Ord, California . He served with distinction in Korea, earning the Combat Infantry Badge, Silver Star Unit Citation and the Purple Heart. After leaving the military in 1954 he started his own business “Divers Incorporated” where he helped and trained many divers in different areas of diving, such as underwater mining, photography, recovery, and repair. He then went to work as an experimental Research and Development diver for U.S Divers Corporation, Santa Ana, California where he met and became very close friends with Jacques Cousteau the founder. Together they shared an interest in fostering a greater understanding of the marine environment. Ralph worked with O.T.C. Enterprise, as Research Consultant in natural sciences, located in Apple Valley, California, under the direction of Otis T. Carr who worked intimately for years with Nikola Tesla. Late 1959 and early 1960 they created and successfully travelled within a circular foil spaceship with the capacity (using aether technologies) to teleport through time and space.