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Overcome Illness and Promote Vitality and Longevity

Full Spectrum Health

Orthodox medical science has been relatively successful in the last fifty to sixty years in overcoming many acute disorders. They have, however, made little headway in dispelling chronic disease. Although some of the symptoms of these disorders may be relieved by drugs, at least temporarily, little curative help is offered for these increasingly common disorders. The usual chronic condition must be overcome from within, not from without. The general energetic method most useful is that which stimulates and revitalizes the body repair mechanisms so that the innate system can overcome the chronic ailment. To do this, we generally apply the following five techniques:

Most all Chronic disease today which emerge from a combination of Toxicosis, Acidosis, Metabolic Syndrome X and can be simply and Holistically balanced as follows.

QC-5 Steps to Wellness

1. A proper Biofeedback analysis is completed of the core/root impediments of the individuals health conditions, All known toxic substances are removed from the individuals internal and external environment. For instance, if a individual is working, we check his job environment for any form of poisonous or toxic substances he may be breathing, ingesting, or in any way contacting during his employment. His foods are also carefully selected to reduce additives and pesticide residues. His/Her home/work environments are investigated to find and correct any factors that may be causing toxic reactions. 

2. The individual is placed on a diet carefully adapted to assist in Balancing (a usually Acidic Internal Environment) with which we hope to supply a good balance of the elements generally needed and an abundance of the elements particularly important to his specific disorder. Also any additional supplementation of Minerals and Herbs can be administered at this time to support the balanced dietary requirements.

3. Every effort is made to establish a constructive, optimistic mental and emotional attitude to prevent the adverse effects of antagonistic vibrations that result from negative and destructive emotions. Amounts and kinds of exercise and activities are recommended appropriately for general all round well being.

4. Along with drinking appropriate amounts of Ionically charged, mineralised water per day, which vary from about 1.5-3lt depending on current health status, Specific nutrient substances are recommended designed to work in collaboration and act as builders of optimum cell communications and intracellular signalling. These are carefully chosen after analysis indicates the special requirements of the individual. 

5. Full Immersion Electromagnetic NRG Field and LIGHTSEEDING treatments are given to mildly and sometimes rigorously stimulate the parts of the system that have become sluggish, inactive and disconnected and thereby may have enhanced the dis-ease or symptomatic conditions. In regard to these last technique, one may consider the person with a chronic ailment as someone in whom there is disorder and general sluggishness in some of the organ structures and Innate systems. These organs all run and communicate firstly at various seen and unseen levels of light, electricity and colour resonance, before any biochemical signalling pathways are possible.  If we can gently stimulate these organs and systems to regain their waning energetic life force, we often aid in their ability for self restoration. We can gradually administer these rebooting techniques and direct their activity toward more normal and eventually optimum function. To accomplish this fully and as a more permanent remedy however, it is usually necessary to see that our first four techniques of the treatment of chronic disorders are also met in unison with the 5th. 

When we are striving for general encouragement and rejuvenation of the Immune, Endocrine, Circulatory and Nervous Systems enabling the Physical and Meta-Physical Holistic Communication Processes to once again Unify, great care must be used in the beginning treatment of chronic cases so as to alleviate and minimise any Initial Healing crisis (Herxheimers reaction) the body and mind and spirit may experience.

You can't take these old chronic cases and try to push them to health. You must take them by the hand, and very gently lead them to health. The worse a case is, the gentler we must proceed.